Our Process

Become a first-class car repair specialist with us.

✔The first step in our process begins by evaluating and identifying damaged area with the customer.We then access How much time is needed to perform job and give you time estimate(usually an hour per wheel).

✔The second step is the most crucial phase…Here we begin to remove damaged area’s and reshape wheel(s).This work is done with various tools and truly is an art learned by years of experence.

✔Thirdly…once repair is finished we begin to prep wheel for paint.This includes scuffing and cleaning rim debris to make sure a good bond between paint and wheel will be achieved. Thus allowing us to offer our customers a lifetime warranty.

✔Final step after wheel has been repaired, prepped and inspected by tech is to “shoot” it. At Bling Em we use only the highest quality paints and clear coats furthering durability and protecting your alloy investment.After painting we dress the tire to give you that fresh off the dealership floor shine!!

A Clean Bike Is A Happy Bike

Regular cleaning is needed to keep your bike looking good. At our service center we guarantee not only a nice exterior, but also a regular parts inspection during the cleaning process. Your safety is our primary goal.

Bike Tour Guide

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